Texas Dealer License: Learn How to Get Your Dealer License in Texas

"How to Get Your Texas Dealer License" Manual

... By Auto Dealer Academy

You can retail, wholesale, or auto broker used cars when you get a Texas dealer license. However, the process can be confusing for many... let me show you how! I've helped dozens of dealers over the years.
Let a  24-year car veteran explain the dealer license process & help you avoid the pitfalls and traps of getting a Texas Auto Dealers License. You will be glad you bought it!
Much of this information can be learned through the school of "hard knocks". But save yourself the time, hassle, and frustration.

"Learn everything the state won't
tell you, or worse CAN'T tell you!"


texas dealer license

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  Texas Dealers License Information:

  • Download the official Texas Dealer License Application now.
  • Learn the specific requirements of getting a Texas Used Car Dealers License.
  • Learn how to get your license as cheap as possible
  • Do you really need a "car lot"?
  • Learn the most common mistakes people make on their dealer license application.
  • Discover who to call to get a dealer bond & dealer insurance.
  • How expensive is a bond? How expensive in dealer insurance?
  • Learn about possible upcoming changes to the dealer licensing laws.
  • Learn about the hazards of license purveyors.
  • Also, learn how to get a motorcycle dealers license, travel trailer license, a wholesale dealers license, a new car dealers license, & a motor vehicle auction license.
  • Learn what steps to take to get your license.
  • Learn the record keeping requirements of Texas car dealers.
  • Learn the requirements for consignment sales.
  • Learn about temporary cardboard & metal dealer plates.
  • Learn where to order your dealer supplies - such as bills of sales, AS-IS stickers, ...
  • What to do when someone wants to take a car to Mexico.
  • What records are needed for wholesale & retail deals?
  • What paperwork is required for an out of state deal?
  • Advertising rules. Very important.
  • List of licensed Texas dealer only auctions.
  • What you need to know about financing.
  • Most commons reasons title registrations are rejected.
  • How to handle vehicle inventory tax (VIT) & sales tax.
  • How you can lose your license!
  • Paperwork basics for cash and financed deals.
  • eBay Sales & licensing.
  • Classic cars & licensing.
  • & Much More!.

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texas dealer license
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"George, bought the package on Saturday and couldn't put it down all weekend!"


"George, thanks for being so generous with your awesome knowledge!! You bring good thoughts and hope for freedom from a boss as well as dreams of financial independence! Thanks."


"Hi George, . A lot of excellent info that this novice will need to read more than once. Thanks again and I am sure I will have some questions in the near future. Thanks"

Jim S

"Hello George! I think what you have put together in this formal program is AWESOME! I am also a used car wholesaler in the business for about 7 years now. To make a long story short, I have excelled tremendously since those years and am very happy so far. My future goal is to have my own buy here pay here lot! Your advice is very truthful and encouraging. I will recommend this site to all my friends looking to get into the business. You seem to have shared many years of hard core hands on experience in this business with your readers. Congratulations!

Chuck H.

"Hi George, An update from a student: using your course as a guideline, so far, I've sold 15 cars, at and average profit of around $750 per unit. Your course was without doubt the best money I've ever spent! This is turning into a very profitable sideline. So, for the update: Finally I have my dealer's license. No more curbstoning for me. My plan is to attend a dealer auction in the area (Dallas/Ft. Worth) soon and see how the whole process works, and start buying cars for resale there. Best Regards,"

Peter in Fort Worth

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